In 2011 I had a severe haemorrhage from the small intestine, had a blood transfusion and was hospitalised for 10 days. I was very weak and phoned Samantha and asked for her help. She came into the hospital to see me and did some energy work on me. I was so grateful for this kind and generous deed. 


Samantha was my support and lifeline throughout my recovery period and for sometime afterwards. Each session was different and tailored to suit my system at that time. On one occasion, strips of scar tissue came away allowing the lining of the small intestine to heal. So many emotional and physical issues were cleared during our sessions which were deep and powerful. I was constantly surprised at Samantha’s insights, her intuition and clarity. She talked and related what was happening, keeping me engaged throughout the whole process, which I liked very much.


She has a unique style and is highly sensitive, spiritual and extremely powerful. She is gifted." Mary, Galway, Ireland.

Samantha is a very insightful and perceptive coach.  She encouraged and skilfully supported me in reviewing my approach not only to the challenges of daily life, but also to how I approach my work.  This enabled me to re-evaluate how I go about tasks, and to understand how I tend to prevaricate and over-complicate things (often to my own detriment). Most importantly she enabled me to see my current situation and future work goals from a different angle – in a new light.  She further supported me with this by practical and task-related advice and exercises to help me “re-set” previous habitual and automatic responses.


As a result, I am now working systematically and steadily towards fulfilling the work goal that has eluded me for several years. I am truly grateful. JR, London

“I have had several sessions with Sam. I had a few problems with my shoulder which I had physio on and chiropractic work but alas it didn’t work. Then Sam worked with me, intuitively feeling into the root cause. How she did it I do not know to this day. All I know is that she told me what she could feel was happening in my body and started asking me questions about seemingly unrelated things to which I answered. Within 10 minutes my problem resolved and she explained to me what had caused it. I was actually quite astounded that she did in 10 minutes what physios and chiropractors could not do in 10 months. She seems to have a great understanding of how energy and emotions work together. Fascinating stuff!” SF, Dorset.



"I have worked with Sam many times over the years. Her knowledge and expertise in the field of spirituality, emotional behaviour and energy work span more than 20 years and I should know, for she was my Reiki student many moons ago. She is highly intuitive and understands how emotions affect the physical body. She uses a powerful combination of coaching and energy work to help release blocked emotions which in turn, helps alleviate dis-ease within the body. Her understanding of how mind, body and spirit work together to create powerful change is second to none. She certainly "walks her talk" and she has helped me over the years recognise those areas in my life which have prevented me from moving forward."

MU, Dorset.

Sam is the real deal …  Her understanding of energy, emotions, life and the universe is quite astounding. I have experienced a fair amount of it.

She has helped me many times over the years to release things I didn’t even know existed and as a result I feel lighter and better able to cope with the day to day tensions both in my business and personal life.

If you face a challenging time whether from a dire health diagnosis or a relationship issue or anything else that bothers you, I highly recommend you book a session with Sam to see, hear and feel for yourself how she can support and guide you back on track.

EG, Sussex

From my working with Samantha I have developed a higher awareness and better understanding of my personality. I have seen myself in a different light which in turn has helped me deal with my anxiety and confidence issues, helping me realise that I have a limitless amount of opportunities available to me. I would recommend this to anyone as after just one session my mood and energy levels have increased tenfold and I will definitely be coming back for more. JM, London

"I attended Sam at a very stressful time in my life. She made me feel very much at ease and really took the time to help me work through and understand the emotional issues I had coming up at that time. She helped me to recognise who and what I was at a core level.  Her clarity and understanding gave me great strength and I noticed life started to flow more easily. I also noticed a change in attitude towards my relationship, my work and I began to have more confidence in ME! Sam gave me some interesting strategies which helped me focus and see things differently. She has a great energy and is an expert in her field.  I would thoroughly recommend her if you are looking for deep, significant change". TC, Dorset

When I met Sam I had the instant feeling that she could help me with her treatments as her experience is widespread and her personality is engaging. She is extremely intuitive but also extremely professional. She has a deep understanding of how the mind, body and spirit are working together.


Even my shy cats love her aura and her energy and became so peaceful.


Sam made my mind peaceful and calm and solved a lot of my pain problems in a fundamental way I never experienced before.


I highly recommend Sam, she is the one who can help when nobody else can. Thank you Sam!

SH, West Sussex

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