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Pushing the Boundaries of the Mind Body Link

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

As your body speaks…are you listening?

Give attention to the reality within and your light will shine

How many of us really pay attention to what our body is telling us? Apart from when it is lunchtime and our stomach is rumbling or when we have other primal needs!

For instance, when you get a sore throat or start sneezing, do you think to yourself “oh I must be going down with a cold?” Why do we automatically label the bodily sensation and then justify it with our own limiting belief, when in truth all that is happening is that we have a sensation in the throat which maybe labelled as being ‘sore’ or perhaps we react to a stimulus by sneezing. There could be many different reasons why, yet how do we know exactly which one it is. In reality, we don’t.

Of course, the mind cleverly jumps to its own conclusions about what is happening within the body based on its own conditioning and past experience. We then become either pragmatic, explaining it all away with another label, or we over react, believing we have “caught the ‘flu’ that everyone is getting”. This belief in itself loads the gun as the unconscious mind then says “your wish is my command” and then of course, you contract exactly that.

Perhaps instead, we might just stop and listen to our body, becoming mindful of the sensation that is occurring, instead of automatically reacting with a judgement. By simply noticing what that sensation may be telling us, instead of telling the sensation what it is, we learn to BE with what is happening, thus harmonising the relationship between mind and body. This also allows us to become more intuitive to our body’s needs in the future.

In conclusion, do we have to pay attention to every little sensation our body creates? Perhaps not. Maybe it’s more about being mindful of our bodies and treating them with the respect they deserve, as well as understanding that the mind in its egoic wisdom, does not have all the answers, despite it thinking it does. Being mindful of our thoughts creates a relationship with life that is present and flows harmoniously, instead of identifying and labelling with that which keeps us separate from who we really are.

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