What is spirituality?


To realize that our spirit is the source of something much bigger than our physical human existence and can never be separate and can never cease to exist.



What will spirituality do for me?


By liberating ourselves from the constraints of the fiction induced identity which society tends to inflict upon us via our egoic mind, we move towards a more purposeful and epic journey, one of majestic self-discovery that finally lets go of the constraints of our mind’s conditioning which we have learnt to accept as normal. We discover that place within us called ‘Spirit’ which is beyond that which we believe limits us in our lives.


What is a Healer?


A healer by definition is a conduit for spiritual energy to flow through.  The healer will usually have a high vibrational frequency which helps to transform the energy of the receiver so that past conditioning may be released.



What is a spiritual awakening?


To awaken to your true divine nature, consciousness or core essence which is also known as living from oneness. The realisation that you are not and have never been a separate entity and that the individuation which you have maintained your whole life, was in fact, an illusion. Once this awakening happens, the door can never be closed and this realisation continues to mature.



Will I lose my mind if I have a spiritual awakening?


No. Although it may seem disconcerting at the time when everything you think you know seems to disappear, it hasn’t really. There is enough of a realisation that knows things are different but the mind is capable of adjusting very quickly.  The mind recognises that it is not the centre of the universe and in fact does it’s best to try and regain control and may come back with a vengeance. However, in truth, everyone’s experience of spiritual awakening is unique.



How do I deal with it if a spiritual awakening happens to me?


By embracing it. Remain very present with what is happening in any one moment and allow yourself to go with the flow.  Meditation can also be useful as you sit in silence and simply watch any resistance that the mind may have and accept what is happening in the moment.



What is a spiritual seeker?


Someone who is on a spiritual journey and applies themselves to their own inner process doing whatever is necessary to awaken to their true Self. This can take the form of meditation, self-enquiry, silent retreats or whatever the seeker may decide as useful in order to cultivate a deeper sense of awareness.



Who benefits from healing?


Everyone and anyone wishing to overcome negative thinking, fears, alleviation of symptoms from physical dis-ease and those who are looking for a deeper meaning to life.



Why would I need healing?

As sentient beings we are all made up of electromagnetic energy and light particles which vibrate at different frequencies and are affected by the environment in which we live. In daily life the effects of stress and emotional events take their toll on our nervous system, subsequently impacting our energetic frequency. When this happens it disturbs the body’s ability to protect itself from dis-ease which may result in psychological or physical health disturbances.



Who benefits from emotional health and wellbeing coaching?


  • Anyone who wants to have a greater understanding of themselves

  • Anyone who wants to self-actualise or reach their full potential

  • Anyone who has attracted an illness and wants to understand why and what they can do to get to the root cause.

  • Anyone who is looking to awaken to their true nature.



Do I have to believe in it for the healing to work?


No, you just have to be motivated to change and be open to the process.



How will healing affect me?


Everyone is unique and it can affect people in a variety of different ways. It depends upon what the mind/body wishes to release first. The important thing is to be open to the process. This way the mind and body are not resisting and instead are simply going with the flow. This allows for whatever arises to be released without any opposition. The majority of people feel a great deal lighter after the session with a sense of wellbeing. Some may feel sensations around the body as the energy body is clearing and some may feel temporarily worse whilst the body is clearing stagnant energy and adjusting to a newfound energetic freedom and expression of being. It is always a good idea to drink plenty of water after the session.



What is conditioning or programming that you refer to?


This is the history of our lives that is stored within the unconscious mind and in our energy field. Our beliefs and values are usually in place by the time we are seven years old. We learn these from those who care for us when we are growing up and this dictates how we perceive our world. It also forms the basis from which we live our lives in the future.


When we have negative experiences we store these as memories often suppressing them leaving them as unfinished business. If we encounter the same problem again, the unconscious mind will remember and want us to deal with the issue to gain resolution. When we resist, which we often do unknowingly, we then create a negative pattern of conditioning around a particular situation and wonder why life keeps repeating particular patterns or behaviours until we release them.


What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  We can use NLP to create deep change within the unconscious mind and allows us to transform limiting beliefs, decisions and ultimately, behaviours. The ‘neuro’ is the way we gather and process information using our five senses. The ‘linguistic’ is how we use language and how our internal representation codes, orders and gives meaning from the information we gather through our senses. The ‘programming’ is the patterns or strategies that we run in our neurology to achieve our desired outcomes.



What is Time Line Therapy™?


It is a therapeutic process using the power of the unconscious mind, together with active imagination and regression that helps eliminate painful emotions which have been attached to certain memories or events in our past, whilst utilizing valuable lessons which may be used as a helpful resource for the future.



What is Hypnosis?


Hypnosis a form of trance which is similar to a light, medium or deep form of relaxation. It can be used to enhance the ability of an individual to respond to positive suggestion.



Can I be made to do something I don’t want to do under hypnosis?


No. A person under hypnosis is always in control and cannot do anything to themselves or anyone else that they don’t want to. This is because the unconscious mind is always aware under hypnosis and is a highly moral being that utilises the morality that the person was taught when growing up and was accepted by them.



How often do I need to come for a spiritual healing session?


This is really up to you. It is always a good idea when having had a spiritual healing to allow a period of integration between sessions so that you can adapt to the changes that are taking place within the mind, body and spirit relationship. These create subtle energy shifts in the body and the mind and you may need to deal with other emotional issues that may arise. This can be due to the fact that the spiritual healing has created space for other issues to rise to the surface as your mind, body and spirit work together to create positive change.



What is coaching?


Coaching is a process of self-discovery that asks powerful questions which aim to get right to the heart of the matter.  Although challenging at times, coaching is about being committed to helping you to become the best you can be and extremely rewarding when you achieve your desired outcome. 



What is the Assemblage Point?


It is the epicentre of the human electromagnetic energy field where life force energy enters the electromagnetic body. When in its correct position, it is located on the breastbone.  It creates our reality and when we become, stressed or anxious, neurotic or sick, the assemblage point can become dislodged, moving towards a new point of origin which may result in problems with emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health. See www.assemblagepointassociation.com for further details.



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