"To discover what is real, you must go beyond that which your mind understands as you" Sam Cooper



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I am Sam Cooper

“All the patients I have known who have recovered from these chronic, very serious diseases (many of whom were given up as hopeless by their physicians and the medical community) have done so by exploring the greater definition of the truth of reality of that which they are, and by exploring that realm of human knowledge called ‘spiritual'". 

Dr David Hawkins, M.D.,Ph.D.

Do you want to improve yourself, your health and your relationships?

Then your return journey to your true Self begins here.

Welcome to the website of Sam Cooper. Sam is an expert in understanding the fundamentals of spiritual and emotional health and wellbeing. Her experience spans nearly 20 years of helping individuals overcome physical and emotional issues.


By exploring the nature of mind, body and spirit, she is able to combine her expertise in spiritual mastery and coaching by drawing upon her own experience and research into health, as well as the insights gained from her own spiritual awakening to offer guidance and understanding to those in need.

So many people are disillusioned with their lives. They lack purpose and have lost their zest for life. They have become stuck or stressed, wanting more out of life, and in addition to the pressures of modern life, they often go into emotional overload or their physical health may suffer.

“Oh, how we suffer”

In truth everyone is born whole. During childhood our minds are innocently conditioned by our caregivers, peers and our culture, to live and behave in a certain way. As we grow into our adult life, our unconscious mind continues to record all our learnings, behaviours, experiences and motivations and as we go through our lives, we cultivate them to such an extent that these form our identity and who we believe ourselves to be. Just as we shape our lives through its trials and tribulations, we lose sight of our true Self, our spirit, in all its glory and innocence, which appears to get forgotten as we get entwined within our own egoic identity believing it to be who we really are.

The question is do we want to stay stuck within our own mind, believing those thoughts that identify us as just a physical body which is subjected to a variety of diseases, all of which we believe we have no control over, or do we wish to bring our limiting beliefs to an end?

"Over the last 20 years I made it my mission to understand the complex relationship between mind, body and spirit so that I could help others transform their own lives just as I transformed mine" 
"And it is the drive of the ego to satiate its own desire that creates misery in the hearts of men and women" 

How can Sam help you?


Wherever you are on your life path or spiritual journey, Sam works holistically meaning she works with all of you: mind, body and spirit. Working at an intuitive level, she helps you alleviate the negative conditioning that may have impacted your life. Ultimately her purpose is to help you discover your true Self and for you to live as authentically as possible.

In the sessions Sam will gather information of the presenting issue and will ask you a series of questions so that you can work through the significant points together. She will work with you objectively, with non-judgement, and as you start this journey together, working in the present moment is paramount as this helps release the root causes of emotional and physical trauma that maybe held within your energetic and cellular memory. Whether you prefer to experience a healing or simply have a private coaching session, the choice is entirely yours.

During a healing session, Sam may offer insights as she works to create conscious/unconscious integration which helps the unconscious mind recognise and release limiting beliefs. This may lead to powerful realisations and learnings as deep rooted issues which have accumulated throughout your life, rise to the surface to be released. With guidance and understanding you are able to let go of these old patterns and move forward with clarity and a greater ability to traverse life's challenges in the future.

During a coaching session, Sam will ask a series of powerful questions using clean language and artful curiosity to discover any unconscious self-sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs. This opens up new possibilities of seeing your presenting problem from a different perspective, thus increasing your self-awareness and creates a sense of empowerment. A plan of action is then discussed and initiated to move you from where you are now to where you want to be.

As a Spiritual Teacher, Sam occasionally runs Satsang and meditation groups.

"The greatest light casts the darkest shadow....until the obstacle is taken away...then
only the light remains"

“A recipe for freedom”

Step 1:.Take responsibility

Step 2:.A willingness to be honest with ourselves

Step 3: Add a pinch of courage

Step 4: Let go of the past and live in the present.

Step 5: Relinquish judgement of self and others.

Step 6: Trust your innate wisdom.


It all sounds so easy and don’t you get fed up with people saying what you should be doing when you are struggling to keep your head above water? The above steps seem so simple when you know how.


When Sam works with her clients they are gently reminded that they have already taken the first three steps. First, they took responsibility by knowing that something in their lives had to change. By simply knowing this, they were already being honest with themselves and then making contact with Sam, they had the courage to follow through.


You have to be motivated and want to change. By knowing this and then following through,  you are already half way there.

“Are you ready for a new way of being?”

If you have a desire to grow, improve your health, experience more harmonious relationships and live a fully engaged and purposeful existence, then this work is for you.

From that place of integrity and authenticity, you operate from a place of inner strength and dedication by making the decision to reconnect to that innate part of you, the part that is limitless, ever present and infinite known as “Self”.

No matter where you are on your journey of life, Sam can help you harness your true potential and help you to bring balance within your mind, body and spirit.

From the healing of emotional pain to the alleviation of physical symptoms, many people have reported feeling more empowered, lighter, more peaceful with a greater sense of wellbeing.

Other benefits may include:

  • A sense of calm and peacefulness

  • Feeling more vibrant and energetic

  • Acceleration of the body’s natural healing process

  • Less susceptibility to stress and anxiety

  • Dissolution of old emotional trauma

  • Ability to live more in the present moment

  • Discovery of your true Self

  • Feeling more empowered

  • A greater sense of gratitude

  • Attracting a life filled with purpose

  • Actively seeking spiritual growth

  • An increase in the vibrational frequency of the body

  • A quieter mind

  • A deeper relaxation in the body, releasing stress and tension

  • Aids better sleep

  • May help with chronic problems and acute injuries

  • Removal of energy blockages

  • Assists the body in cleansing toxins

  • Helps clear and balance the energy centres (chakras) and meridians

If you require assistance or have any further questions then please contact Sam

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